Children and Divorce? Where Has Legal Aid Gone?

It is the sad truth that when parents separate disputes over contact and who will care for the children will be hostile and bloody. This is the case for most situations concerning children and divorce. It is sad but common for a parent who feels that they have been wronged by a former partner will use the children and a weapon. This may take the form of preventing contact with the child, or in extreme cases turning children against the other parent.

What do you need to consider? What is best for the child?

The law concerning this topic is always based around what is going to be best for the child. What is normally best for the child is to have both a mother and a father. The success of the law enforcing this will depend upon a well prepared case if the courts are needed to intervene, when parents are unable to agree. It will also depend upon countering any dirty tricks that the parents may play in a attempt to prevent their child from having a normal relationship with the other parent. This is a sad situation and you need to know what to do if you ever find yourself in a bloody battle for contact with your child.

A break up, or a battle?

It is almost always a battle when it comes down to a contact order or a residence order for your child. It is difficult to fight these battles alone and it is normally best to get legal advice.

Any lawyer worth his salt will say that it is never too early to start preparing for these battles. If the court hearing is months away or you are on relatively good terms with your other half after the break up, it is still important to take steps to ensure things will run smoothly, there is too much at stake.

However, there is a difference between getting legal advice and paying £250 an hour to discuss your situation with a solicitor, or even £500 an hour to see a barrister! There are a couple of online firms who are willing to discuss any situation on the telephone for a lower fee of around £30-£40, these kinds of firms are also going to be the friendliest and sometimes the most wise as they tend to be retired solicitors or barristers.

The best options now there is no legal aid.

The best thing to do is then go it alone with guidance. This is known as DIY law. Get yourself a guide, or a handbook and you are ready face the challenges. As all things DIY this will save you a fortune there is plenty of information available online! This is the best solution for the majority of people who are facing legal issues in the modern world of money hungry solicitors now that legal aid has gone.